You want to know the secret to success? Here it is!!

Surfing the internet is such a wonderful alternative to work! If I didn’t check myself, I could easily spend several hours every day consuming the fascinating, educational and useful content that is generated from all manner of inspired sources.

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have made it easy for us to sit back and ingest content as an endless stream of links and recommendations are flung at us from our friends and contacts. It’s difficult to switch it off. Join the conversation, man!

Yesterday, one such link was highlighted by someone in my network, and when I saw it I couldn’t help laughing. It was introduced as ‘3 tips on how to be an expert’. Are you curious now? Would you like to know how to be an expert (and it’s just three quick tips!)

Well, here’s my tip: be an expert.

That’s it. No more. No techniques, short-cuts or magic potions. It takes time and effort and work and practice. And you don’t get to decide if you’re an expert or not. It’s a subjective judgement from someone else.

I have a problem with the concept of the ‘expert’ in any event. Very few people can truly be deemed to be experts in areas of life and business that impact us all. Everyone can claim legitimately to be an expert in being themselves. Beyond that, it gets fuzzy.

You’re still curious about the three tips though, aren’t you? Well, here’s the first tip: “Call yourself an expert”.

That’s right. Call yourself an expert! Apparently, if you start describing yourself as an expert, then others will begin to see you as such. Magic, right! Who knew it was so easy?

Oh dear.

This is part of a larger problem we have, which is sometimes called the sucker’s hierarchy. There will always be someone else willing and eager to believe what we tell them when our message is offering them a faster/easier/cheaper way to their holy grail. And don’t think that you’re immune to it. We all have blind spots. We all can be suckers given the right circumstances.

Most of us learn the hard way. We discover that the Wizard of Oz is just a little guy pulling a few strings behind a curtain. We feel conned and move on. But many don’t. And unfortunately, too many people are trying to make a living by selling to (exploiting?) these people. Often deliberately, sometimes without considered intention.

Still interested in the other two tips? Here they are, and you know what, they’re actually not that bad!

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