You are not your plans

“You are not your ____________” is a useful template.

Most commonly used in relation to thoughts or emotions, this reminder is worth repeating.

Over the years, I’ve observed many business owners, startup founders and ambitious professionals fall in love with their plans. Big ideas, grand ambitions and high hopes.

Sometimes those dreams were realised, but often they weren’t. Circumstances changed. Contact with reality meant adjustment was required. And for most, Plan A went in the bin and focus moved to Plan B.

But for some, the transition away from Plan A was too painful. Attachment to the original plan became a problem. Identity and sense of self had merged with these stories of a better future.

The result? Unnecessary suffering and a reduction in capability.

Plans are just plans. Helpful for aligning effort to a specific mission, but they aren’t defining, and they aren’t made of DNA or etched in the landscape.

In this year of unexpected upheaval, it’s worth remembering you are not your plans.


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