Workshop: The significance of timing

Smarter Egg Network at The White Horse

There was a time when we spent most of our effort on questions of What and How.

In recent years, asking Why has become popular, and with very good reason.

It turns out though that we’ve been underestimating the power of asking When, as the timing of our efforts in a range of different fields can have a significant impact on outcomes.

Our next Smarter Egg Network workshop will raise your awareness of the significance of timing and give you a bunch of useful practices to apply to your work the following day.

In great company, in a comfortable setting, with delightful food, you’ll be excited by the conversations you’ll have and find your perspectives shifting from the challenges posed.

We’ll be mining the gold from the best ideas in Daniel Pink’s “When” (our Smarter Egg Network book of the quarter) as well as tapping into the wisdom in the room from an experienced and accomplished gathering of professionals.

As a special reboot, we’re hosting this event at The White Horse. We start with a delicious BBQ in the White Horse beer garden before heading to the Upstairs venue for some workshopping.

Big bonus: Online booking also includes a free copy of When.

WARNING! Attending this event will ensure:

  • You’ll have a memorable evening in great company
  • You’ll be more productive in the days and weeks afterwards
  • You’ll make some new contacts, some of which will be long-term supportive relationships
  • Your colleagues will notice that you’re a person full of sharp new ideas!

Registration is now open.

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