What’s useful now?

In times of transition, we tread a delicate path between the enthusiasm of adventure and the anxiety of uncertainty.

When things are changing, often faster than we realise, we do have a tendency to overthink. Our balance between rumination and action can tip inwards.

We seem to be living through such a time where second-guessing and if-onlying are popular indulgences.

The problem with doing too much mental excavation is that it’s draining and rarely solves the challenge we seek to address. Building our awareness of our behaviours, and also our patterns of thought, is valuable work though and doesn’t require archaeological digging to unlock apparently elusive treasures of insight.

A helpful question to keep our awareness building on track is to ask, “What’s useful now?”  It challenges us to place our learning in context and to embrace our need to move forward.

As you reflect on your challenges for the week ahead, ask that question. And from there, take the next step.


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