What’s the point of planning?

It’s likely there’s never been a greater planning challenge than the one facing humanity in the endeavour of vaccinating billions of people against Covid-19.

For the rest of us outside the public health domain, our attempts at planning are more likely to face a weary response like, “What’s the point?”

Just when it looks possible to begin preparing for events or expeditions, new restrictions or gloomier prognostications come along and burst our bubble.

Repeated disappointments over the past year have drained our enthusiasm for being proactive in the use of our time.

Project managers love to quote the Mike Tyson line that warns everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. The past year has felt like five rounds in the ring with Tyson.

Despite this environment, the practice of planning retains its value. Planning requires us to reflect on what’s most important to us, to gain clarity on our priorities and to make difficult choices when faced with multiple options.

Even if it’s just planning for tomorrow, or the week ahead, it’s useful to keep our planning muscles in shape. Otherwise, we’re at risk of drifting and are vulnerable to distraction and disruption.

Keep the faith. You are a capable professional. We need your service. Plan accordingly.


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