What Offsite participants say


Participants in Smarter Egg Offsites come from across the business spectrum. Here are the thoughts of just two: an entrepreneur and a corporate professional.

Guys, why do you think we struggle to make time for thinking more strategically?

Ernest: It’s never a priority for others.

Everyone else is screaming for your time and resources, but I find I never scream the loudest, so it gets kicked down the road.

The accessibility of email etc these days hampers it too. A lot of time that would have been perfect for thinking traditionally, or in my own life, like the walk in to work, are now dominated by emails, podcasts, Facebook and so on.

Dulce: Busyness… we are busy, busy, busy, busy.

We don’t take action or course-correct thus we stagnate and do nothing or stall from trying to do everything. We focus on execution, priorities are not defined clearly, we don’t say no, we have reactive behaviours that cause us to lose sight of the priorities.

Our decision making process is sometimes based on reaction than reflection. I remember reading something about a MIT professor who said something like this: if I had to save the world and had one hour, I would probably take 55 minutes to think/plan and 5 minutes to execute it.

What happens at the Offsites that’s useful for you?

Ernest: For me, personally, it’s a time to put everything on pause.

I get to play the long game, for once, and think about not only the “what ifs”, but what i want, and how I can make it happen.

I guess I get to drive the car (of life and business) rather than be a passenger being swept along.

Dulce: Taking a full day, alone or in groups, to reflect on where I am with my goals/dreams, course-correct if required and take action for my next quarterly goals.

The offsite structure allows for interactive engagement.

How do the Offsites help you?

Ernest: I find working with mostly the same people hugely helpful. After a few sessions, the barriers come down, and we get straight to solving each others problems, or at least understanding them.

Having access to high calibre people from across the business spectrum is invaluable. They’re either going through the same challenges, or already have, and even sharing the experience is half the battle.

That for me is massive.

Dulce: I take action and move forward!

I find ways to connect ideas and people that I have never linked before. I take the courage to make choices about what I will do and what I will not do.

I think more strategically as the offsites allows me to leave behind busy work that makes me feel productive but actually doesn’t advance my goals or my dreams.

Smarter Egg Offsites – Frequently Asked Questions

Smarter Egg Offsites

What exactly happens at the offsites?

Our offsites are held in comfortable venues, chosen to ensure we’re away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day.

They are six-hour sessions, typically running from 10am to 4pm. They are fully catered, with a break for lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

All aspects of the offsite are carefully designed and facilitated. Participants are brought through a series of exercises, some done in private, others done in collaboration with others. When weather allows, some of the time is spent outdoors.

Through the day, participants move through different modules, allowing time for real reflection, exploration of the challenges and opportunities arising, and engaging the wisdom of others.

Smarter Egg Offsites

Who participates?

A diverse group of people from across the business spectrum: corporate leaders, start-up founders, small business builders, freelancers, all learning from each other.

Who facilitates?

Offsites are facilitated by Aodan Enright, Smarter Egg Founder, and on occasion he is joined by co-facilitators.

What is expected of participants?

The process is fully facilitated, and all materials are provided. Participants interact with others in small groups, but also work solo on specific exercises. There is no obligation to share findings from the various exercises and privacy and confidentiality is fully respected.

How do you register?

Because of the nature of the offsites, capacity is always limited. Registration must be made well in advance

Participation fee for an Offsite Day is €295 (+ VAT). Contact us to register your interest for any of the available dates below.

Smarter Egg Offsite

When are the next available offsites?

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions new Offsite dates won’t be scheduled until Summer 2021.

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