What do we do at Smarter Egg?

Our most popular programme, the SmarterPreneur Circle, helps business owners develop sustainable and profitable businesses. We all work best when we allow others to help us. All of us, no matter how capable and ambitious, can benefit from the support and challenge of a group of committed peers.



SmarterPreneur Circle participants build more profitable businesses and become smarter business owners.

How it works:

  • A group of up to seven business owners commits to working together over the course of a year
  • The group is expertly facilitated through a programme of learning, meeting for a half-day session once a month
  • The support and challenge of the group ensures participants make significant progress in developing their business

SmarterPreneurs build more profitable businesses

SmarterPreneur Circles provide transformational learning on how to build a sustainable business in the company of a facilitated peer group.

The circles are a place where it’s ok to say you don’t have all the answers. Participants share things they wouldn’t with their spouses, or clients, or colleagues. It’s where real discussions take place and significant decisions are made.

SmarterPreneurs become smarter business owners

We have a problem. Too many small business owners aren’t getting the results their efforts deserve. Despite their courageous commitment, the businesses are underperforming.

The owners of businesses typically need help with:

  • clarifying the purpose & direction of the business
  • finding a better fit between the product/service and the market
  • building a stronger sales engine

SmarterPreneur Circles have been designed to address these challenges. While problems often lie with the design of the business, we also tackle the reality of how the behaviours and habits of the founder/owner may be holding the business back.

How can I get involved?

All SmarterPreneur Circles follow the same group formation process. Circles are launched periodically, carefully crafted with people on the ever-growing waiting list. Take the first step now to getting on that waiting list.

How can I find out more?

To find out why these SmarterPreneur Circles succeed, you can find detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions by those who want to be part of a new circle.

What SmarterPreneurs say

Here are some insights into the process from some recent participants:

Orla Linehan

Orla Linehan

This is not your usual business coaching – I don’t remember goal setting or work/life balance being mentioned once! The sessions are well structured and it is clear that Aodan has prepared well for them. In the programme, we studied strategy, taking calculated risks, engine of growth, how to build a business (not just a job) but most importantly Aodan gave us the tools and encouragement to make the necessary changes. Through the Smarterpreneur programme, Aodan has helped me clarify what I need to do to progress my business. When I started the programme, I had just opened my practice. With Aodan’s help and advice, I grew my business and moved from a home office to a “real” office well ahead of schedule. My business is far ahead of where it would be if it wasn’t for Aodan. As a testament to his work, the majority of our group are going forward into the next stage of the Smarterpreneur programme.

Orla Linehan, Principal, Fidelia Chartered Accountants

Mike Collins

Mike Collins

Aodan and Smarter Egg were recommended to me by a business mentor whom I respect. I was hesitant at first – but was subsequently delighted from the very first “Smarterpreneur” workshop. Aodan has done something with his programmes that is very hard for a business person to find – he gives you access to the best thinking and the best critical feedback from others in a group setting – all with the practical focus of driving your business results up a gear or two – while ensuring that you stay connected and motivated. Great guy – great service. If you have the opportunity to attend a Smarterpreneur programme – don’t hesitate – jump straight in and experience the personal and business benefits. You’ll be glad you did 12 months from now!

Mike Collins, Founder, Your Irish Heritage

Jan Harte

Jan Harte

It’s not often that you meet someone who has the ability to help you grow personally and professionally and who can also help your business grow; Aodan Enright and his Smarter Egg Programmes do just that! Participating in Aodan’s ‘Break From the Pack’ and ‘SmarterPreneur’ groups has had a significant impact on my plan for successfully growing my business and increasing my productivity and focus. For the entrepreneurs and business professionals out there who want to take their businesses to the next level, one of the first steps you should take is to meet with Aodan. Just like me, you’ll be glad you did. The results are tangible and amazing. Thanks Aodan

Jan Harte, Principal, Jan Harte & Associates


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