What do we do at Smarter Egg?

Smarter Egg helps professionals develop their working wisdom.

Through our facilitated peer-coaching programmes, Smarter Egg provides the means for professionals to bring their very best to their work, in a sustainable fashion.

We work best when we allow others to help us. All of us, no matter how capable and ambitious, can benefit from the support and challenge of a group of committed peers.


Smarter Egg Peer Circles

How it works:

  • A group of up to six to eight peers commits to working together in a private, confidential process
  • The group is expertly facilitated through regular meetings designed to meet the needs of the members
  • The support and challenge of the group ensures participants make significant progress in developing their careers and/or businesses.

Smarter Egg Peer Circles are a place where it’s ok to say you don’t have all the answers. Participants share things they wouldn’t with their spouses, or clients, or colleagues. It’s where real discussions take place and significant decisions are made.

Peer Circles are available for

  • Business Builders – owners of established and growing businesses
  • Solopreneurs – self-employed professionals operating solo or with small teams
  • Corporate Leaders – experienced organisational managers looking to level up


How can I get involved?

All Peer Circles follow the same group formation process. Circles are launched periodically, carefully crafted with people on the ever-growing waiting list. Take the first step now to getting on that waiting list.



We’re reinventing what people call networking. We’re shaking up the business of learning.

We’re building the connective tissue that gives you unique access to ambitious, forward-thinking people from across multiple industries.

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