What if?

Our minds are particularly skilled at generating ‘what if’ type questions.

When we’re tired, or stressed, or over-indulging on our media consumption, we are prone to hearing these kinds of questions in our inner dialogue:

  • What if this pandemic goes on for many years?
  • What if I can’t handle the return to the office?
  • What if I can’t find a better job?
  • What if I can’t regain my fitness?

When we’re rested, or energised, or feeling supported by others, our minds tend to spark questions like these:

  • What if I looked for a promotion?
  • What if I started my own business?
  • What if I moved to a new location?
  • What if I backed my own abilities more?

No matter what our mood, the what-ifs keep coming. The more we chew on them, the faster they come.

What if we realised that these what-ifs are open questions about events that have not yet happened and in many cases are never likely to happen?

What if we remembered that we have the choice to let these questions pass, like clouds moving across a summer sky, or decide to take action where appropriate?


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