Wearing our Sunday Best

In an age of ‘fast fashion’, the concept of wearing our Sunday Best feels almost prehistoric. Or at least, quaint.

There we were, at our cleanest, with our smartest clothes. Looking the part, as it were.

In recent years in my coaching work, I’ve used the term Sunday Best to label the phenomenon of holding back our best effort for the ‘right’ occasion. It’s surprisingly prevalent.

Over the course of our lives, we are continually accumulating wisdom, but rarely applying fully what we are learning. We seldom wear our Sunday Best.

Instead, we act out of habit, we conform to our environment and social pressures, we succumb to the story that this moment isn’t as important as a future one.

The alternative is to mindfully embrace each day for what it can bring. And to show up with everything we’ve got, whatever that looks like on a given day.

Why wait until the ‘right’ time?


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