Vaccines and self-worth

A curious phenomenon has played out in recent months in relation to COVID vaccines.

Most of the public discourse has focused on problems. There isn’t enough supply. Roll-out should be faster. Side-effects are worrying.

I had a moment of clarity when I got a WhatsApp message from someone that lamented, “these vaccines are a dead loss”. In that over-reaction, a human tendency was laid bare.

In the prevailing emotion of the moment, we lose sight of the bigger picture.

Perhaps it’s easier to focus on a missed deadline rather than open ourselves to the awesome manifestation of human ingenuity behind the vaccine development.

The same phenomenon is in play with our professional self-worth.

We often fixate on an error, or some criticism. We obsess over a bad day, or a sub-par piece of work. And when we do, we lose sight of just how capable we are.

When we lose context, we can become derailed. And it’s so much harder for us to do our best work.

Vaccines are amazing. You are amazing. It’s worth remembering.


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