Time is ticking

In this strange time, where life-as-we-knew-it has been suspended indefinitely, it can be tempting to retreat fully and write the Covid era off as if it were a bad debt.

This is understandable, but it’s also dangerous.

The best case scenario with that approach is that you’ll emerge the other side of the crisis two or three years (hopefully no more) older than you were in early 2020.

But we’ve learned from decades of evidence in arenas of performance that we can’t just turn on and off our best efforts like we might flick a switch.

The further we retreat within ourselves, the stronger the narrative we weave about our inability to perform, the longer we allow our capability to wither away the harder it eventually is to get back to where we want to be.

This is an uncomfortable message. And it may provoke a defensive reaction within you.

You may think, “But that’s easy for you to say”, “Try minding my kids 24/7”, “It’s so hard to make progress in this environment”, etc.

Valid observations but none change the reality of the passage of time and the slipping away of opportunity.

It’s now, when it feels hardest, that we have the greatest need to be at our best, in whatever way we can.

This is as important a time as any to apply the wisdom we have accumulated, to call on the strength we have built up and to tap into the creativity within our nature.

Even in these unfavourable circumstances, we dishonour our own values by turning away from being the person we seek to be.

Time is ticking.


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