The weight of permanence

In our pursuit of certainty, we crave permanence in the things that are important to us.

Alas, so much of our world is transient. Change is constant. Impermanence is reality.

And yet, when it comes to our professional performance we have a tendency to attach permanence to events and perspectives that are no more than passing moments.

When our pitch of an idea or offering is rejected, it can feel like we are rejected and thus should not try again.

When we experience a streak of ‘bad days’, it can feel like we have lost our capability and thus shouldn’t expect to regain it.

When we are overwhelmed, it can feel like there’s no way through and we lose our belief in recovery.

But all such moments do pass. Failures turn into successes. Bad days are replaced by good days. We find ease where previously we were lost.

When moments of struggle arise, it doesn’t help us when we attach the weight of permanence.

This too shall pass.


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