The unlikeliest of gifts

Sometimes gifts can come in the most unusual wrapping.

It’s become popular in recent weeks to speak of 2020 in negative terms. Every time something bad happens, the wry comment is soon to follow, “that’s 2020 for you”.

But it’s rare that anything is entirely negative. Sure, this year is ‘net negative’ for many but that also suggests that there had to be some positives.

After the week when Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, it’s timely to reflect for a moment and flex our under-utilised gratitude muscle. Are there aspects of this year that we can appreciate?

Or put another way, what gifts has this crazy year given us?

As you reflect on your answers, you may be surprised to find more gifts than you had realised. Such is our tendency to adapt to a changed circumstance, we all too frequently discount some of the special moments that came along the way.

And best of all, it reminds us that even in an uncertain future, there are plenty more gifts waiting for us.


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