The right call

The thing about making the right call is that it often takes a long time to be proven wrong.

As professionals, we frequently need to chart a path forward where uncertainty and ambiguity are unwelcome visitors.

What feels like the ‘right’ thing to do may not lead to the outcome we are hoping for, or may even look foolish with the benefit of new Information.

The easiest sport in the world is to sit in the armchair, or on the barstool, and criticise other people’s decisions. There are so many bad calls to choose from, and so many ways to assert our superiority. But while entertaining for some, it’s as professionally valuable as chewing bubblegum.

Knowing that the perfect decision is unlikely and that as humans we are prone to many biases, maybe a wiser course is to proceed with equal respect for what we know and what we don’t know.

Being right is overrated. Making wiser decisions, without the compulsion to be right, is a better long term bet.


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