The light at the end of the tunnel

We speed up when we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our ‘freedom’ is imminent and we advance with excitement.

Right now in the world, we’re facing into a prolonged period of uncertainty. We’re not sure what’s going to happen with Covid-19 and we don’t know how long-lasting the impact is going to be on our economy and our working lives.

As of now, the end of the tunnel is out of sight.

What can we do?

First off, we need to ensure we keep moving forward through a tunnel and not retreat into a cave. It’s tempting to give up when things are going pear-shaped and the mood music is relentlessly negative. But those who need us are out of luck if we choose to down tools. They need us now and they’ll need us when the world looks a lot better again.

If the end of the tunnel is too far in the distance, the least we can do is illuminate the stretch ahead of us. There are two useful ways of doing this: first, by maintaining a longer-term focus, committing to projects that stretch into a timeline of months and years. This allows us to look past the daily setbacks or latest gloom, knowing we’re on a more substantial mission.

And we can generate light by pre-committing to activities that we know will lighten our mood and allow us to be at our best. If we miss social interaction, we can send three invitations to reconnect with friends/colleagues every week. If we’re burning out from staring at screens, we can head outdoors or read a paper book. If we’re bogged down in career uncertainty, we can revisit our areas of greatest interest.

It’s time to light our own way, and keep moving forward.


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