The full story

What you see on someone’s CV isn’t the full story.

Nor will you find the full story on LinkedIn profiles, in PR pieces or on the ‘About page’.

Every professional leaves an imprint, which can develop into a legacy. Sometimes this is dominated by achievements and tangible outputs but more often it’s a mix of feelings engendered and example set.

We’re remembered not so much by what we did but by how we did it.

Some apparently unaccomplished people have a profoundly positive impact on others. Their full story is much more significant than the headlines, or lack thereof, might suggest.

Some acclaimed people who gain high status and dominant roles do so by trampling over others, through manipulation or the exercising of power. Their full story is better known by those who are closest. And it’s rarely positive, even if some tolerate it as they benefit indirectly.

What’s your full story? Are you proud of it? Does it align with the impact you want to have on the world and how you want to be remembered?

It’s possible that you don’t have full awareness of that story or of your impact on others. And while some are prone to delusion, or avoid the painful truth, many of us aren’t comfortable acknowledging that we might deserve more credit than we give ourselves.

Isn’t that full story worth knowing?


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