The alternative Budget update

My inbox was full of budget updates this week. I noticed increases in some levies and activities, reductions in others and the introduction of certain initiatives. The world keeps turning.

Maybe an alternative budget might be useful for us?


  • A 25% rise in commitments to spending time outdoors
  • A 50% improvement in planning our most important activities, especially in uncertain times
  • Doubling in social instigation – if you reached out to say hi once last week, do it twice this week
  • A tripling in investment in joy-generating activities – essential to offset the downsides of imminent lockdowns


  • A 50% reduction in agitated news following and doomscrolling
  • Cutting back the practice of over-filling our calendars with video calls (min. 20%)
  • 25% week-on-week cumulative reduction in practicing avoidance – time to reverse the trend and embrace what needs to be grasped
  • Move to eliminate the habit of assuming worst intent when communicating online – to be eradicated by EOY20

New Programmes:

  • Commitment to at least one project that will hold value a year from now and requires consistent and regular effort
  • Allowing ourselves to experience an entirely new hobby/practice/activity to ensure we are counteracting the forces of psychological contraction

I could go on. I trust you get the idea.

Even though we have common needs, we find ourselves in different situations. Do what you can to prepare for the eventualities that lie ahead.


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