Smarter Eggs at The White Horse – April 19th

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On April 19th, we’re celebrating the concept of Challenging Convention at The White Horse.

We’re honoured that Laurence McCahill will be traveling from the UK to join us in our Red Chair.

Laurence is a design professional who learned so much from working with startups that he co-founded The Happy Startup School with his colleagues a few years back. Such has been the global response to their work that they had to close the design studio to free up the time to lead this global tribe.

In all aspects of life, conventional wisdom tends to form, and what were trends somehow become fixed beliefs. But conventional thinking doesn’t work for everyone, and most of the innovation in the world happens when we challenge that thinking.

05-03-2016 Colm O'Brien Motivation. Savoy Hotel, Limerick. Picture credit: Diarmuid Greene/Fusionshooters

Colm O’Brien, founder of Carambola Kidz and author of Feeding Johnny, is one of our Egg Talkers. Colm is an experienced entrepreneur and an engaging speaker, and is also actively involved in theatre and the arts.


David McCarthy, through his award-winning startup Yellow Harbour, is tackling a significant problem: how to best align the generosity of those in the working world with high-impact charities that need sustainable backing.

Event runs from 6pm to 9pm and features delicious food from the acclaimed White Horse kitchen.

This event is kindly supported by our friends at the impressive Cork International Hotel.

Smarter Eggs at The White Horse is a different kind of business event. In an intimate music venue, you connect with inspirational people and get to hear their stories up close and personal. Add in some delicious food, and sparkling conversation, and you have an evening that will inspire and delight.

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