Simplifying the Great Reset

As the Covid-19 crisis unfolded, we saw a rush of commentary proposing that this was going to be a Great Reset.

This crisis, it was claimed, gave us a chance to start again, to tear up the rule book, even to reverse trends of injustice and inequality.

Of course, a lot of this is wishful thinking even if it’s coming from a place of loving intention. Just because any of us have an opportunity to change doesn’t necessarily mean we will take it. And it’s also possible, sadly, that we might change for the worse.

But a few months on, I’m noticing a new interpretation of the Great Reset concept: a feeling of shame for not having changed enough. I hear musings about “wasting the lockdown”.

In response, may I suggest a simplification of the Great Reset intention, in a way that makes it more relevant and actionable for us all?

Here’s a question worth asking:

How can I serve more effectively and with greater ease?

By working through that question we can shake off that feeling of carrying the world on our shoulders and instead make the kind of progress that brings us the most joy.


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