Second time round

It’s easier second time round.

There may be some exceptions to the rule. Many report that their first marathon is their best. If you’ve hit a hole-in-one on your first day out, then you have a long wait for lightning to strike twice.

But in general, we do better when we have experience of a previous attempt.

This is useful to remember as the world moves towards reimposing greater restrictions on activity in an attempt to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Second time round, you’re in better shape to take this on. You’ve learned many lessons and you can prepare accordingly.

It’s also useful to remember that media coverage of the pandemic isn’t primarily concerned with your performance or your mental wellbeing. It’s designed to be compelling, dramatic and addictive. It’s helpful to be informed but you’re unlikely to be at your best if you’re continually hooked to an evolving horror movie.

Second time round. You’ve got this.


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