School’s out for summer

There’s no feeling like it. The end of the school year. The summer opening up in front of you with boundless possibility. It even has a theme song.

It’s a magical moment. And it’s one that we all can relate to and remember with real joy.

There’s also a lesson in it for us as professionals. We often experience a similar euphoria at the start of a new project or venture that offers a prospect of unlimited upside. We’re giddy with possibility, suspending our usual concerns and worries.

But like all feelings, it begins to fade. That doesn’t mean it isn’t valid, or we should dismiss it. It just means we need to put it in its due perspective.

When we’re in that blissful moment of expansion, there’s a risk that we behave as if the normal laws of physics no longer apply to us. And the painful reality is that decisions taken while high often bring about the harshest consequences.

Ultimately this is a reminder that narrow-frame thinking can happen as much with an expanded mindset as it can with a contracted one. It’s useful to embrace the positive feelings while also doing what’s required to ensure our projects are staying on track.

School’s out for summer. Inhale that feeling. And get ready for autumn too.


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