Same storm, different boat

“We’re not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm”.

Recessions, even the more severe ones, tend to impact the professional world in predictable ways. But this pandemic has cut into our established ways of working in different places: restricting human contact, accelerating technological trends and forcing many sectors into an uncertain paralysis.

If you’ve been glued to the news for the past six months, you may be surprised to hear that for some this has been a year of improved opportunity and greater business.

Some are reporting that they are doing better when working from home and are hoping that this continues for the foreseeable future.

Two points:
1. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that others are in your boat. Most are likely to be experiencing this pandemic differently from you.

2. Your capability to cope with your own situation will benefit from developing an empathetic understanding of how others are doing. Seek to learn what it’s like for them, rather than looking for validation of how good/bad your own circumstances are.

Compassion mightn’t pay the bills or open the pubs, but it does open us up to a path of less suffering.


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