Red Chair: UCC President – Dr. Michael Murphy

Dr. Michael Murphy is the President of University College Cork (UCC). On a warm summer’s evening, following a sizzling BBQ and the excitement of World Cup football, Michael joined us in our Red Chair for a fascinating conversation.

In this revealing interview, Michael shares his personal story, the circumstances of his childhood, his career in medicine and most recently his stewardship of UCC.

Among many highlights include:

  • how trying to be popular is not a good objective for a university president!
  • how his passion for questioning ‘truths’ brought him to academic research
  • his encouragement for people to work abroad to acquire useful experience
  • how his autobiography will be entitled “Yerra!”
  • his frustration with a system that doesn’t allow people to contribute all they can
  • how UCC have reduced dependency on state funding from 86%, heading towards 50%
  • feedback on his leadership style
  • his hopes for his legacy as university president
  • the superpower he would most like to have
  • and a special mention for UCC Maths Professor George Boole, who made this video possible!

You may notice in the audience the presence of Naomi Fein, who was busily harvesting the interview and published these images online immediately afterwards.

UCC President Michael Murphy in the Smarter Egg Red Chair, by Naomi Fein

UCC President Dr. Michael Murphy in the Smarter Egg Red Chair, by Naomi Fein


And the article that Michael references from Forbes Magazine, written by Rob Asghar, can be found here.


This conversation was recorded at a Smarter Egg event at Upstairs at the White Horse, Ballincollig, Ireland in June 2014. Smarter Egg clients from across the business spectrum were in attendance, along with other guests. The video footage was filmed and edited by Ian Armstrong of Onevision Multimedia.

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