Red Chair February 19 – Gerry Hussey & Ed Coughlan

The Smarter Eggs are back at The White Horse on the evening of Monday, February 19th.

Appearing in a Red Chair double-bill are renowned performance psychologist Gerry Hussey and skill acquisition expert Dr Ed Coughlan.

Image courtesy Irish Farmers Journal

Gerry Hussey is one of Ireland’s most acclaimed performance psychologists. Best known for his key role in Irish Olympic success, Gerry’s contagious honesty has a powerful impact on those with whom he works.

A frequent contributor to media, Gerry has also delivered an enlightening TEDx talk.

In the Red Chair, Gerry will challenge our thinking and we’ll go deep on the factors that undermine our performance in all aspects of life.

Image courtesy The Irish Examiner

Dr Ed Coughlan is a globally renowned expert in the area of skill acquisition. He works with elite athletes and teams at home and abroad.

Ed’s popular articles for The Irish Examiner have become a must-read for those interested in performance improvement.

In the Red Chair, we’ll be exploring Ed’s fascinating journey through the coaching world, and mining some insights about how to refine the key practices we need to be on top of our own game.


Guests will also enjoy delicious food from The White Horse kitchen before heading upstairs for some inspiration and entertainment.

A night out for the mind, and the soul.

Smarter Eggs at The White Horse is a different kind of business event. In an intimate music venue, you connect with inspirational people and get to hear their stories up close and personal. Add in some delicious food, and sparkling conversation, and you have an evening that will inspire and delight.

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