Unplug & Recharge at a Smarter Egg Offsite

We’ve created the space and the structure for you to zoom out and look at the big picture. By getting out of the weeds and looking at the longer-term trends, you can begin to make the adjustments you need to stay aligned with your highest priorities.

We use proven methods that have helped so many to benefit from these offsites: the deliberate practices of slowing down to reflect, the conversations that gently nudge us towards where we want to be and the support of other humble, yet courageous, human beings.

These Offsites include:

  • Outdoor Coaching Walks
  • Personal reflection exercises
  • Facilitated confidential group discussions
  • Working through our proven Reflection-Assessment-Adjustment-Commitment process
  • Coaching support for the next 90 days

Next available Offsites:

Unfortunately, due to essential Covid-19 restrictions, no Offsites are presently scheduled.

Click here to register interest for future offsites when Covid restrictions permit.

Smarter Egg Offsite

Having participated in our Offsites, people tell us they have greater clarity, renewed focus and raised levels of energy.

“The Smarter Egg Offsite is special, as it allows you to get above the clouds and take more of a macro view on your work and life. Aodan really pushes you to get the most of the day. It’s not easy, but I can assure you, the months ahead will be so much better because you have invested this one day in yourself. I have attended a handful of Aodan’s offsites and I truly believe they keep me accountable and drive me on to reach my potential. If you’re on the fence, do it! You won’t be sorry.”

James Northridge (Marie Curie Fellow UCC & Founder of UrAbility)

“I was honestly blown away by the day. You have managed to create something very unique. The energy, passion and quiet enthusiasm in the room was amazing. I loved the format of the day, especially the peer coaching walking. It is a testament to you that so many keep coming back and have been working with you for a number of years.”

Susan Manning, Leadership Coach & Career Strategist

“I find the Smarter Egg Offsite days are invaluable and I come back time and time again, leaving invigorated and challenged. I find that without it I don’t always take the opportunity to stop, evaluate and plan (although I know I should). I find the value is hard to quantify  – as it is far more than the sum of its parts. The framework of the day, the guidance provided by Aodan and the wisdom of the other ‘Eggs’ combined with the effort put in delivers a unique atmosphere in which to explore the opportunities ahead.”

John Prendergast, co-founder, Aonach, eCommerce Specialists

“Smarter Egg Offsites give me time to slow down, refocus and simply think. Aodan creates a safe, friendly environment, where it’s easy to get other helpful perspectives. A fresh start for the year, left feeling great, refocused and determined to stay on track plus knowing I have the backup of the other ‘Eggs’ too. Hard to beat that!

Bernard Yore, General Manager, Eirdata

“The January offsite was an invaluable opportunity for me to take stock of last year while also allowing me to kick off the new year on the right foot. I always love the mix of exercises which can be challenging but provide great ‘actionable’ insights.  As always, I was in good company, well fed and got lots of fresh air.  I’d highly recommend the offsite to anyone who wants to start the year in the right frame of mind – it’s time really well spent.”

Gary O’Flynn, MD, esus e-learning

““To me as a self-employed person I find the offsite days of tremendous benefit. A chance to reset and reflect with like minded individuals, it can only benefit your business. Aodan facilitates in-depth, thought provoking conversations that always result in “lightbulb” moments”

John O’Driscoll, MD, Blueprint Financial Planning

More information, including how to register, is available here.

“In order to have focus, we need to escape to focus”, Greg McKeown