Procrastination, regret & motivation


Procrastination isn’t a victimless crime. And it probably shouldn’t be described as a crime either.

Procrastination can have consequences. We can miss opportunities. Relationships can fade unnecessarily. Sometimes, we even face sanctions because of our failure to do something on time.

This story, from one of the better sources of inspiration on productivity online, is quite powerful. Procrastination has meant that a dream lies unfulfilled.

But there’s hope.

The powerful emotion of regret can act as a motivator.

I’ve turned my feeling of regret into a motivator. I don’t want to be upstaged or upset by my own inaction again. Put off and delay and prepare to pay.

It almost sounds like a mantra and maybe it’s a little trite. But it sticks.

Put off and delay and prepare to pay.

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