Smarter Egg Peer Circles – Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Each Circle has its own unique personality, and depending on the preferences and circumstances of the participants, the mechanics of how the group does its work can be customised to suit best.

Typically, Circles meet for approximately eight sessions throughout a calendar year, and these sessions typically last a half-day i.e. 3.5 to 4 hours. Most Circle sessions happen in comfortable boardroom settings but on occasion we head outdoors.

Over time, the trust and confidence built in the sessions leads to ongoing interaction in between sessions, building an invaluable asset of an available support group.

Who is in my circle?

Circle membership isn’t less than six people and never more than eight. This group size is the optimal balance between intimacy and space for contribution, and diversity of perspective.

You are matched with peers in similar roles to your own, even if they are from very different businesses or industries. Peer Circle participants tend to be committed, open to sharing and learning and willing to provide support to their fellow members.

What if I’m too busy to attend every session?

Everyone who participates in our Circles is battling the ‘busyness’ challenge. So, rather than viewing participation as just another thing to manage on top of all the other things, participants tend to protect their calendars around the scheduled sessions. This deliberate practice of protecting some vital development hours tends to have benefits beyond the sessions themselves.

Of course, unexpected stuff comes up and members inevitably miss sessions here and there. But it is expected that members do participate with the intention of attending each session.

Who organises and facilitates the meetings?

All Circles are facilitated by Aodan Enright, who has thousands of hours of experience in this domain.

Sessions are scheduled in advance with input from members to maximise attendance.

How much does it cost?

Membership fees of €995+VAT are levied every six months. There is also the option of a recurring monthly payment of €175+VAT.

Membership is reviewed every six months. Each circle, once established, runs indefinitely. Each individual’s participation is renewed on a six-month cycle.

How is this different from typical executive coaching?

Being part of a Circle is very much being part of a coaching process. The context of all the Circle’s engagements is the development (personally and professionally) of each of the members.

Some of us have great difficulty in sharing openly or in speaking candidly about business-sensitive matters. One-to-one coaching is a better fit when concerns about openness arise.

Some Circle members do work with a coach outside of the sessions also. They are not mutually exclusive.

One aspect of the Smarter Egg approach is to develop a coaching perspective within the Circle. Over time, peer-to-peer coaching can be invaluable and participants also benefit from bringing a coaching approach back into their everyday work.