Smarter Egg Peer Circles

Professionally designed and facilitated peer circles offer expert mentoring from experienced professionals, ongoing coaching to enable your personal development and a diverse advisory board of peers who truly understand your challenges.

Smarter Egg Peer Circles are available for

  • Business Builders – founders/owners of established and growing businesses
  • MD/GM/CEOs – leaders/primary decision makers of businesses/organisations, reporting to board/owners
  • Organisational Leaders – managers/leaders of teams/departments in large organisations

New circles for Business Builders and MD/GMs are now open for registration in Spring 2019 – click here for information on how to apply.


What Circle Participants Say

The circle is a safe place. It’s a thoughtful space, where you become more aware of other’s needs and in return receive support from them. The role of the owner can be lonely and though we have friends and family who really care, it is invaluable to share with people who are not as emotionally connected but can really understand one’s challenges.

Joan Lucey, Vibes and Scribes

I find the Smarter Egg circle the most beneficial and enjoyable of all my development activities. Usually associations and groups are populated with competitors or people trying to sell you something, it’s refreshing and beneficial to spend time with people who are neither of those things, but who you can trust to discuss your business with and value their advice. The collected experience and expertise in the group would beat most big company boards.

Ernest Cantillon, Electric, Sober Lane & Kinsale Gin

I have learned so much from the people in my peer circle from very practical tips to how they dealt with challenges in the past that I may now be facing. It also opens your eyes to potential business collaborations or ventures and I also love hearing how people manage businesses in other industries because there are always valuable takeaways for my own business.

Julia Lynes, EazyCity

The Smarter Egg Proven Formula

A group of peers (minimum six, maximum eight) commits to working together in a fully confidential process. The group is professionally facilitated through regular meetings designed and scheduled to suit the specific needs of the members.

Over a decade, and thousands of hours, of active engagement, we have refined a process that produces results for participants, based on three essential ingredients:

  1. A focus on meaningful conversation, about what is most important and can’t easily be discussed elsewhere.
  2. A direction for the group’s development, developing mastery in our chosen roles
  3. Awareness-raising and insight-generating models and exercises, creating fresh and valuable perspectives.

Smarter Egg Peer Circles are a place where it’s ok to say you don’t have all the answers. Participants share things they wouldn’t with their spouses, or clients, or colleagues. It’s where real discussions take place and significant decisions are made.

Peer Circles are highly effective for…

1. Blind spot busting!

Peer Circles build trust amongst the participants and this opens up the ‘behind the curtain’ honest perspectives from others.  Very quickly, you begin to collect the “I hadn’t thought of it like that” insights. We also discover unsolvable problems or fixed beliefs that we previously carried around with us don’t appear to be an issue at all for others! We need to see ourselves and our own situations from a different perspective.

2. Generating fresh solutions

We might share many common challenges with our peers but we can generate fresh ideas and solutions by understanding what works best in other fields/industries/professions. Traditional mentoring tends to come from specific domain experts but there’s equal value in challenge and ‘why not’ thinking from alternative domains.

3. Maintaining mental health and fitness

Active participation in a professionally facilitated circle brings many mental health benefits: the therapeutic power of sharing, in a safe and trusted environment; the sense of belonging, feeling part of something special, knowing that others have your back; knowing that you’re not isolated, or the only one, or that you’re not going mad after all!

4. Protecting space for your development

With regular meetings/engagements and a sense of duty and accountability to your peers, this is a helpful counter-measure to the curse of busyness. It’s much harder to get away with a “too busy” excuse for missing a Circle session when you know your peers are equally so! There’s a shared commitment to working on ourselves and helping each other.

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about our Peer Circles.