One Year On: Niall & Jennifer O’Callaghan

No Reproduction Fee. Aodan Enright, Smarter Egg with Jennifer O'Callaghan, Nutrition4Living and Niall O’Callaghan, Performance Coach discussing plans for the Smarter Egg event on the theme of "Performance" which takes place on Thursday, 25 June at the White Horse, Ballincollig, Cork . Photo: Donagh Glavin


In June 2015, Niall and Jennifer O’Callaghan both spoke at a special Smarter Eggs at The White Horse event on the topic of performance. In the lead-up to a similar event on June 28th 2016, Aodan caught up with both Niall and Jennifer for a quick chat.

Aodan: It’s been a busy year for you since that White Horse event, and for you Niall, you’ve made some changes.

Niall: Yes some big ones. I moved on from my Engineering Project Management Role and have gone full time into the Fitness & Wellbeing Arena. I went straight into the role of managing Pure Results Bootcamp for Kathryn Thomas so I have not had much time to think about it. It’s been great so far, challenging but very rewarding. Jen and I have also set up our own company: Everyday NFW (Nutrition Fitness & Wellbeing) so getting that off the ground has also been very exciting.

And what’s been going on with you Jen?

Jen: Yes things have been growing quite progressively since last year. It’s amazing once you are open (lift the fears!!) how things start to flow. I have seen a lot of growth in my Nutrition4living business taking part in companies’ Health and Wellness weeks. Companies like PM Group, VMWare and Kerry Foods. It’s great to see how companies are starting to see the value of bringing this in for their employees. I am also having good fun with the food demos here. My one to one consultations have grown especially in weight loss, sports nutrition and digestive ailments. I am also doing a day in Mallow in an Osteopathy clinic where there is a very integrative approach to clients health. I still do events with our local SuperValu, I have been giving a lot more talks to clubs and schools on nutrition.

Of course Pure Results has grown even more this year, where we have also visited companies on their wellness weeks. At present a lot of time is taken up with onsite camps. As Niall has mentioned we have set up our own company Everyday to incorporate our skills. As I have found when working with people, in order to get the best results you have to look at the whole picture not to be one dimensional in your programmes. We want our clients to live their best life!

Tell us more about your collaboration, what services are you now offering?

Niall: We are primarily based in the Nutrition, Fitness & Wellbeing space, offering entire packages to Corporates like Health & Wellbeing Days incorporating awareness sessions, interactive demonstrations and personal assessments.

We will be providing fitness classes from September which I am very excited about and also personal Strength & Conditioning sessions for those who wish to push to the next level of fitness.

We are also very excited about our new Lifestyle Assessment Products. We have teamed up with a Finnish company Firstbeat to provide Personal Lifestyle Assessments which are based on Heart Rate Variability measurements. This evidence based coaching has been used for years by elite sportspeople including national rugby & soccer teams, but is also now very popular among executives. It measures stress reactions during the day and also the amount of recovery achieved during the day and during sleep. It provides valuable information as to how anyone with a demanding role can manage their activities to ensure adequate recovery to allow peak performance when it is needed in any situation at work or on the pitch etc.

Jen: Yes our Everyday company is now going to offer companies/clubs and the individual a wide range of programmes to choose from.  At the end of the day when we feel at our best we perform at our best.

Of course, you’ve already been working together as part of the Pure Results bootcamp team, what’s that been like?

Jen: When you work for yourself you can sometimes spend a lot of your time on your own. So it’s great to also be part of such a great team who are as motivated and passionate as we are on health and wellbeing. When you are working on this kind of project and you are there on site for a number of days it is great support to have Niall there as well. You have an understanding of what you have to give to the camp and the long hours involved. It has been a fantastic opportunity to work on as we have met so many people, all with their various struggles and inspiring stories, which inspires us more to do what we love.

Niall: It’s great. We have met some amazing people over the past two years and work with a great team. Our roles are quite different at the camp but we then come together to offer Nutritional & Exercise workshops including all aspects of Health & Wellbeing. It’s a demanding role but it does not seem like work when you love what you do. It is inspiring to work with clients who give their all in making the leap to change their lifestyle for the better.

Your boss at Pure Results, Kathryn Thomas is in our Red Chair on June 28. What kind of a boss is she?!

Niall: She is an absolute ball of energy. It’s been a huge challenge for her to set up Pure Results and get it to where it is in just two years. She is very open to how we would like to provide our service but always pushes for the best. She is also good fun and always up for the craic.

Jen: Yeah, Kathryn is great, she is a very driven, open and an honest boss. She is open to everyone’s ideas and contribution to camp. She will wash a plate and set a table – no problem, she just gets stuck in and has endless energy. She gives 150% so her standards are high in the service provided at camp, but as we believe in the same thing we are on par with this.

What are we likely to learn about Kathryn in The White Horse?

Jen: What you see is what you get, there is no pretence. She is good fun, honest and doesn’t mind admitting to her mistakes or making them. You will probably be surprised as to how grounded and normal she is.

Niall: You’ll probably see that she is exactly like she is on TV, very down to earth and genuine. You also see that she is always up for having a laugh and good fun to have around.

And what’s on the horizon for you now?

Niall: My new journey has only just begun so I’m very excited about that. I’m excited to build Everyday NFW with Jen and I know we will have lots of fun building it. I’m also excited to keep building Pure Results which continues to go from strength to Strength and working with Kathryn is a great experience and is always opening up new and very exciting opportunities.

Jen: Well, right now it’s the work of our new company Everyday NFW that we are looking to nurture and grow. Already this has started to take off and new projects are coming at our door-step. We are working with other team members on different things and there are lots of different projects coming up with Pure Results Team and Kathryn. It’s an exciting time, so keep watching!

Niall & Jennifer with Kathryn Thomas and the Pure Results team

Niall & Jennifer with Kathryn Thomas and the Pure Results team

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