On giving up

“Never Give Up” was the slogan of the week in the football world recently.

It turns out, though, that giving up is often a wise strategy.

Sometimes we realise that we should have given up sooner. Think of dysfunctional projects that dragged on too long, jobs that didn’t fit, toxic relationships, habits that suited a younger version of ourselves (the list is longer than you think) – for all of these we clung on a bit too tight. Shoulda given up.

Here’s the twist: never give up on yourself.

By all means, let go of activities and beliefs and involvements that are past their ‘Best Before’ date, but never give up on the project that is you.

You deserve your own backing. You deserve the best chance you can give yourself. You deserve your own compassion when it might be in short supply elsewhere.

When it comes to being the best version of you, never, ever give up.


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