My relationship with my work

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Last summer, as we emerged from months of lockdown, I wrote about how the terms of our contract with the working world had changed. That piece generated a lot of conversation. And for some, it was the catalyst for some useful adjustment.

A year on, similar questions are just as relevant.

The nature of our relationship with work has been challenged. For some, this time has created opportunity and revealed a path to greater success and fulfilment. For many others though, it’s created angst, uncertainty and a questioning of previous assumptions.

This shows up individually but there are also trends emerging at the collective level. A piece in the Guardian this week highlighted many of them. It’s worth a read. (There may well be an agenda behind the framing of some of the issues, an agenda that might be different to yours, but airing these questions is worthwhile).

Some aspects of our world of work now appear to be unsustainable. You may well benefit from an open-minded evaluation of how aligned your work is with what you believe to be most valuable. If it turns out the alignment is still strong, it will be worth the check.

Perhaps as importantly, it may serve you to reflect on those you manage, on those you hire, collaborate with and depend upon. How has their relationship with their work changed and how can you be supportive as they navigate to a new equilibrium?


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