Mind the gap

We rarely perform at our very best.

For most of us, most of the time, there’s a gap between how we act in a given moment and how we might act if we were able to fully apply our accumulated wisdom.

Occasional underperformance is normal, but we do need to avoid sustained periods of lower-than-acceptable (by our own standards, at the very least) performance.

When we arrive at sub-par performance, it is often due to losing sight of that gap between actual and possible. As strange as it might sound, we often forget just how capable we are.

There are many possible reasons behind a widening gap and our blindness to it, most notably slippage in useful habits, environmental limitations and unhelpful influence from our closest interactions.

When we get wrapped up in the prevailing narrative, the drama of the latest crisis, or the emotional power plays of colleagues and clients, our awareness of the very existence of a performance gap is significantly reduced.

Our duty then is to mind the gap; to remain mindful of who we are and who we can be, to honour the wisdom we have been given and to act to close the gap as best we can.


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