Lighting is everything

Theatre professionals will tell you that lighting is everything.

Lighting creates atmosphere, builds mood, sets expectations and develops characters. What we experience is directly impacted by how the subject is lit.

This is also true in our professional worlds, even if the ‘lighting’ isn’t actually coming from above the stage. Our work is impacted by how we illuminate our area of focus.

Right now, much of the lighting is ominous and shadowy. The pandemic and the economic depression are casting dark shades and spotlighting worried and frightened expressions. The more we tune into the news and social media, the more dramatic the scene seems to appear.

It’s hard to perform at our best in such lighting. We’re more likely to be in a state of psychological contraction, more prone to fear, suspicion and doubt.

The good news is that we have the capability to adjust our own lighting.

We can choose different colours and brighter lights. We can decide to turn some dramatic effects off.

By being more discerning in what information we consume, whom we allow into our conversations, what we seek to focus our attention on, we can transform the scene we work in. And in doing so, we can optimise our lighting to bring out the very best in our own performance.

Lighting is everything. Adjust yours accordingly.


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