Let the pilot fly the plane

It’s likely been a while since you’ve flown on an airplane.

If you can access the deep recesses of your memory, you may recall the little ‘bing’ tone as the captain turns on the seatbelt sign when turbulence arises.

Some passengers close their eyes, some continue to read, some attempt to fly the plane.

Flying the plane from your own seat involves gripping hard on the arm rests, nervously checking out the window and swaying to balance the bumps and rolls.

Flying the plane from your own seat is dramatic, distracting and draining. It also has no impact at all on how the plane flies.

I’m noticing in this Covid era that many of us are trying to fly the plane from our own seat. So much time spent chasing anxiety, monitoring events and second-guessing every aspect of public policy and visible behaviour.

Dramatic, distracting and draining. And almost never helping us do the work we need to do.

Let the pilot fly the plane.


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