Launching ‘The Effectiveness Project’

It’s the first day of a new year. Many are contemplating the year ahead, some are enthusiastic about their capability to do new things and are chasing resolutions (*more on that later), while most are just getting on with business-as-usual.

I’m doing something a little unusual, for me at least. I’m beginning a potentially crazy adventure, which is presently called ‘The Effectiveness Project’.

What’s it about? ThinkĀ Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, but my focus is on effectiveness.

I’m fully aware that effectiveness is a fluffy term to most people. Pretty much everyone has a grasp of what happiness is and indeed how happy they feel at any given time. But if you ask someone how effective they are, their first reaction is to excuse themselves and go speak to someone else.

It’s fluffy, it’s subjective, it’s nebulous. But it’s really important. And it turns out most of the work I’ve been doing in recent years is ultimately aimed at helping people being more effective in the work that they do. So, I have things to say. I have stories to share. And I have tons to learn.

Loosely, here’s what’s ahead. Lots of blogging. Lots of experimentation. Lots of sharing. It won’t be all about me either. Others will join in, share their stories and add to the conversation.

Anything that impacts how effective we are in the work we do is within scope. We will explore philosophies, theories, practices and tools. The intention is to accumulate a lot of insightful material that will be of use to many. And yes, I’m expecting to be more effective at the end of the year. I think that’s reasonable!

So, that’s my New Year Resolution, if you could even call it so.

*Oh, and I don’t have any unique words of wisdom on New Year resolutions at this point, but I know some people who do, starting with the lady who’s inspired the entire project.


One thought on “Launching ‘The Effectiveness Project’

  1. Pogster

    Effectiveness, simple, get it right first time, in time, on time, every time.
    I would love to be able to claim that for me.

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