If I had the lockdown over again…

This pandemic is a long way from being over, but it feels different now, right?

Restrictions are relaxing, places are reopening and there’s a lot more movement of people.

I’ve noticed some have begun referring to the lockdown in the past tense. And I’ve also noticed that some aren’t excited about going back to ‘normal’.

We’re in the early days of an unexpected phenomenon: lockdown nostalgia. Remember when life was simpler?

The flip side is that for many this brings feelings of regret of an opportunity lost, or a chance missed. “I never got around to doing that”, or “I wish I had done this”.

The good news is that it’s not too late.

Those feelings of regret are useful, as they help us to see what’s important to us. In other words, they help clarify our values.

And the antidote to regret is to act in accordance with our values. Regret feeds our wisdom and we’re better off when we act from that place of elevated wisdom.

So, here’s a useful exercise: sketch out some answers to the question, “If I had the lockdown over again, what would I do differently?”

(Capture as many answers to that as you can. Write it down, rather than just ‘thinking it through’. To help, use the more/less/stop/start categories.)

That list can now inform what you need to prioritise in the coming days and weeks. Make that stuff happen. Lockdown or no lockdown, keep doing what’s most important for you.


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