I can handle this

Whatever our challenges, they are compounded when we lose faith in ourselves. At our moment of need, our inner voice can pull the plug by saying, “I can’t handle this”.

But you almost certainly can. And you probably will.

I’m generally not an advocate of mantras or prescriptive self-talk. “You are amazing!”, “Go get ’em tiger!” and similar urgings don’t appear to be that valuable.

But timely reminders to ourselves are useful.

Based on our lived experience across multiple domains, we are not bullshitting when we remind ourselves that we can handle this. We’ve handled hard stuff before. We’ve figured out complex problems. We’ve got through unexpected challenges.

Take a breath and remind yourself “I can handle this”.

(You may notice that this phrase doesn’t contain the words ‘on my own’. Often, the wisest move in handling any situation is asking for help).


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