Give yourself a break

We only gain real clarity when we’ve traveled a distance away from our everyday activities.

Not only can we gain fresh perspective, but we also begin to feel differently. We begin to realise what we’ve been holding onto or what’s been winding us up.

As we begin to disentangle ourselves from the horrors of the pandemic, we’re going through a similar process. It’s only now, as things change, that we realise just how significant a trauma we’ve been through.

There are many aspects worth acknowledging about this experience but perhaps most important of all is to give ourselves credit for what we have achieved, rather than focusing on what we’ve not done.

It’s time to give yourself a break. 

You’ve done well to get to this point in whatever shape you’re in, even if that doesn’t compare to some ideal you’ve carried along with you. Of course, there are things you want to improve, or rebuild. Isn’t it great to have something to work towards? All in good time.

But for now, it’s time to celebrate the fact you’ve made it this far. Time to ignore the inner critic for a while. Time to release that tight grip on so many things.

Go on, give yourself a break.


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