Get out of the office, and make meaningful and sustainable progress.

Work worth doing rarely comes without challenge. As intelligent, and ambitious, human beings, it’s perfectly normal to get stuck along the way.

Great coaching can ensure that you stay in contention, allowing you to do your very best work, while feeling well in yourself.

Aodan Enright is a highly-respected coach who has thousands of hours experience in working with professionals from different backgrounds: multinational executives to freelancers, ambitious employees to business builders.

Aodan’s coaching approach is a little different from the norm. He gets you out walking, away from the office and the frenzy of the working world. You’ll enjoy the change of scene, and find that you see your situation in a fresh light. And afterwards, you’ll leave with renewed focus, and clarity.

Aodan specialises in working with people who:

  • are looking to thrive in large organisations
  • are on the journey of building a successful business
  • work as freelancers or service providers

Aodan’s style has been described by his clients as compassionate, insightful and enjoyable to work with. His primary coaching qualification is an Advanced Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching from the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, and has continued to develop his coaching capability through his work with Smarter Egg.

Contact Aodan now – without obligation

By Email: aodan – at – smarteregg – dot- com
By Phone: +353 (0)86 608 9498

A strictly limited number of slots are available each month, with sessions available from €200+VAT.


What clients say about Aodan’s coaching:

“Aodan has the ability to make you ask yourself the tough questions and supports you while you figure out the answers together. There’s no buzz-word bullshit, just solid thought out advice and you always feel that he is listening and genuinely interested and concerned”

– Ernest Cantillon, Entrepreneur

“Aodan has an uncanny way of getting to the kernel of what challenges people most.  He does this in a very gentle and kind way which allows people to be honest but not too hard on themselves. He creates a safe space where individuals can face the challenge of change in business and life head-on, and provides the structure for them to navigate through.”

– Barbara Nugent, founder

“Aodan has an ability to bring you to a clear conclusion yourself by taking you through an issue/challenge you are facing step-by-step, and taking the fear out of the unknown for you. For example, you are facing a tough challenge ahead and it’s scaring you but he puts various what-ifs and scenarios to you that make you see it in a different light – as an opportunity for change rather than a big problem to overcome. But he makes you feel like you came to the conclusion all by yourself!”

– Julia Lynes, founder EazyCity