Red Chair: Perspectives from Ireland’s Most Trusted Leader – Bob Savage

Bob Savage was one of the first employees of EMC in Ireland when they set up their international location in Cork in 1988. Twenty-five years on, he’s now Vice President & General Manager of the EMC Ireland Centre of Excellence, which employs over 3,000 people in the Cork region.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about what motivates Bob as well as hearing about some of the ‘secret sauce’ that has underpinned EMC’s success. You’ll hear about the importance of culture within an organisation and you may not look at rocket lettuce in the same light again.

I think you’ll also understand why Bob was voted Ireland’s Most Trusted Leader in 2012.

And some additional bonus resources:

This conversation was recorded at a Smarter Egg event at Upstairs at the White Horse, Ballincollig, Ireland in November 2013. Smarter Egg clients from across the business spectrum were in attendance, along with some invited guests. The video footage was filmed and edited by Ian Armstrong of Onevision Multimedia.

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2 thoughts on “Red Chair: Perspectives from Ireland’s Most Trusted Leader – Bob Savage

  1. Dan FitzGerald

    I mixed the sound at this event. I enjoyed Bob Savage’s interview, it was personal and straightforward. Great to hear someone who doesn’t speak in a language developed by the PD’s and Fianna Fail, and Brussels perhaps. But for me the standout part of the night was Donal Cahalane’s visionary talk on Internet vs real identity. This to me was of the moment and of the future, as I say visionary. Very real or soon to be more than real. I really think and recommend that you should publish it.

  2. Aodan Enright Post author

    Delighted you enjoyed it so much Dan, and we’re lucky to have such great sound too!

    You’ll be glad to hear that DC’s video is ready and queued for publishing next week.

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