Egg Talks: How music can make a difference – Joe Carey


Do you realise we are the privileged ones?

We have the time and capability to read blogs and watch videos and connect to any source of inspiration or entertainment we choose.

That’s not true for everyone.

At a recent Smarter Egg event, musician and impressario Joe Carey shared his story of how he and others are reaching out to people who aren’t as privileged as us.

He talks about a network of musicians who are making a difference, introduces us to Musique et Santé, and delights everyone with a live performance.



This talk was recorded at a Smarter Egg event at Upstairs at the White Horse, Ballincollig, Ireland in January 2013. Smarter Egg clients from across the business spectrum were in attendance, along with some invited guests. The video footage was filmed and edited by Ian Armstrong of Onevision Multimedia.

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