Do you genuinely care about those you work with?

On Valentine’s Day, I published a blog post asking the question: is love a great business strategy?

Have a quick read – it’s short and asks you a question at the end.

This is the kind of topic that freaks people out. Cue lots of nervous shuffling, aversion of eye contact and awkward attempts to change the subject.

But I think this is a profound question for us as business owners to grapple with. It reveals a lot about how our present and prospective customers see us.

I tend to get a lot of push-back on this topic:

  • “Yeah, but work is work. Keep the love for home.”
  • “Right, tell me exactly how you scale ‘caring'”
  • “Where precisely does love fit in the accounts?”

I believe one aspect of this topic is unavoidable: making sure we work with people whom we can genuinely care about.

We spend a lot of time in our Smarterpreneur Circles focused on the concept of the ideal client. We use different definitions and ‘lenses’ to focus our thinking and get some clarity on this significant question.

I think it all boils down to this: with whom can we do our best work? Who are the people that energise us in our work, allow us to be remarkable, stretch us and get the best return from our efforts?

There’s no point in trying to “love” clients you actually hate, just because you decide it might help your business. It’s unsustainable.

Much better to identify those who bring the best from you and you’ll find that expressions of love follow without any conscious effort.

Do you think that those you are presently working with are ‘feeling the love’ from you?

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