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Spring Offsite Series now available

This Easter season we have two Smarter Egg Offsite Days available

  1. Friday, April 12th (at Cork International Hotel)now full, waitlist in operation
  2. Saturday, April 27th (at Garryvoe Hotel)

Our specific theme for these offsites will be habit development/adjustment. We’ll be using James Clear’s excellent “Atomic Habits” as the source for some of our work. All participants will get the book as well as three months of challenge and support.

Many of our aspirations perish on the slippery rocks of habit change. But the encouraging news is that some straightforward adjustments can have a massive impact. Knowing where to start is half the battle.

These offsites work off a proven process and are an excellent return on investment given the affordable fee level of just €295+VAT for such a high quality, high calibre experience.

Get in touch ASAP to grab one of the remaining places – invest in yourself!


Workshop: The significance of timing

Smarter Egg Network at The White Horse

There was a time when we spent most of our effort on questions of What and How.

In recent years, asking Why has become popular, and with very good reason.

It turns out though that we’ve been underestimating the power of asking When, as the timing of our efforts in a range of different fields can have a significant impact on outcomes.

Our next Smarter Egg Network workshop will raise your awareness of the significance of timing and give you a bunch of useful practices to apply to your work the following day.

In great company, in a comfortable setting, with delightful food, you’ll be excited by the conversations you’ll have and find your perspectives shifting from the challenges posed.

We’ll be mining the gold from the best ideas in Daniel Pink’s “When” (our Smarter Egg Network book of the quarter) as well as tapping into the wisdom in the room from an experienced and accomplished gathering of professionals.

As a special reboot, we’re hosting this event at The White Horse. We start with a delicious BBQ in the White Horse beer garden before heading to the Upstairs venue for some workshopping.

Big bonus: Online booking also includes a free copy of When.

WARNING! Attending this event will ensure:

  • You’ll have a memorable evening in great company
  • You’ll be more productive in the days and weeks afterwards
  • You’ll make some new contacts, some of which will be long-term supportive relationships
  • Your colleagues will notice that you’re a person full of sharp new ideas!

Registration is now open.

Smarter Egg Storytelling Training with Helen Kuyper

Download the full brochure here.

Helen Kuyper Smarter Egg

In the connection economy in which we work in 2015, our capability to craft and share a compelling story determines how successful we can be.

Just think about how many times on a daily basis you react to something that begins with “Have you seen…?”, “Have you heard about…..?”, or “I must tell you about….”.

When it comes to getting real attention, making your message stick, or changing people’s behaviour, a well crafted, authentic story will make a significant difference.

Knowing how important this skill is, we’re delighted to be able to bring Helen Kuyper to Ireland for a specially customised training workshop for Smarter Egg. Helen is a world-leader in the craft of helping individuals and organisations develop their storytelling capability.

If you run a business, lead a team, an organisation, or a project, if you’re in the business of selling or marketing a product/service, or if you just need to move and influence people, then this training will significantly enhance your capability to succeed.

You can build your storytelling muscles while also developing your professional network. Helen’s Storytelling workshop will run on February 24th at the spectacular Vertigo venue in Cork.

* A special discount is available for groups of two or more. Just email us at and we’ll help you through the process.

Is love a great business strategy?

Is love a great business strategy?

We’ve been conditioned to think of business as a transaction, largely devoid of the expression of human emotion. We need something, we buy it from someone who’s willing to sell it.

Business is about profit, which is measured in numbers. Business is competitive, which can engender rivalry and hatred. And many play the “zero sum game” where their progress must mean another’s loss.

So it might seem bizarre to suggest that love is an excellent business strategy.

When was the last time you felt good about a product or a service you bought or hired? Did you feel that someone cared about you? Did you feel like someone was genuinely interested in your needs and was working to delight you?

If you have experienced this, I’m betting you’ll be more likely to re-engage with that provider again. And you’ll be way more likely to speak positively about your experience when you engage with others.

Speaking about love in the transactional world of business can make people feel very uncomfortable. It’s way outside typical comfort zones. But maybe that’s the point. Real value in business tends to be uncovered at the edges; at the boundary between confidence and fear, at the transition between safe and risky.

Here’s a simple question that may make you uncomfortable: in the work that you do, in the standard processes and services you oversee, is there a space for expressions of love?

Expressions of love aren’t necessarily the schmaltzy trimmings of Valentine’s Day or life-long adoration or even lust. They can be a clear demonstration to someone else that you care. That this work that you do is more than just a job. That you have genuine concern for them as people. That you value the connection and the possibility of creating something special and remarkable.

Can you make more space in your work for expressions of love?

How do you begin to sell a complex offering?

Do you think you’re effectively selling your services, products and offerings to your target market?

I know I’m not. And I believe I’m far from alone on this.

It’s one thing if you already have significant exposure in your target market and you’re finding that your business is stagnating, or even shrinking. It’s another thing entirely if most of your target market are blissfully unaware of how you can help them. Now that’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Over the past year, we’ve been crafting and refining an offering that’s proving to be really effective with ambitious owners of small businesses. With every passing month, and every hundred hours of focused work with small business owners, the results are getting better and better.

I believe it’s the best thing we’ve done in four years of Smarter Egg work. (And we’ve done a lot of wonderful things).

But, yet, it’s totally undersold. Few are aware of it. Fewer still actually understand what it is and how it could help them. That’s been tolerable up to now as it’s been an offering that’s been evolving and tuning itself to the real needs of the participants. We’ve even changed the name of it three times. But, now, it’s ready to grow.

So, here’s the challenge. How do you inform people of this wonderful offering, in a way that’s authentic, clear and compelling? One step along that path has been for me to get out of the way and let the participants tell their story. Even better, get a (digital) storyteller like Roger Overall involved to help them do that.

This is a story of how Roger and I met with four participants from the SmarterPreneur programmes. The project was led by Roger. He listened carefully to the story of how the programme had come together, how people were benefiting and who the ideal participants are. From there, he carefully crafted a process that allowed me to have four honest conversations while he focused on knitting it all together.

We did all the filming in one day. We drove around to four different locations, encountering unexpected challenges and pleasant surprises. Roger captured some of the sounds of the day via AudioBoo. The beauty of platforms like AudioBoo is that it captures the real, un-edited experiences, with all of the honesty that comes with that.

Now, a few weeks later, Roger has produced this video. I really like it. It captures the essence of the work we’re doing, and the vibrant stories of the participants. Of course, it highlights the positives and the benefits of getting involved in programmes like this, but it doesn’t ignore the reality of the difficulties that all of us experience in business.

In short, it tells the story of why people benefit from participating in this programme. This is a valuable first step in sharing the broader story with those who can draw inspiration from what they see and hear.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Egg Talks: What gives you energy in your work? – Kerry O’Keeffe

Do you find that some days you’re really excited about your work, but on other days you struggle to even show up?

It turns out that your motivation isn’t as uncontrollable as the weather, but is a direct consequence of how you approach the work that you do.

At a recent Smarter Egg event, Kerry O’Keeffe of People & Culture, shared some of her learning on motivation, based on her personal experience as a corporate leader and now as an executive coach and facilitator. She challenged the audience with her talk on ‘What gives you energy in your work?’

Some highlights included:

  • Why understanding what motivates us helps us make better decisions
  • The three primary drivers of motivation
  • The need for daily focus on how motivated you actually are
  • The structures you need to have in place to keep yourself motivated


Enjoy her talk here!


This talk was recorded at a Smarter Egg event at Upstairs at the White Horse, Ballincollig, Ireland in September 2012. Smarter Egg clients from across the business spectrum were in attendance, along with some invited guests. The video footage was filmed and edited by Ian Armstrong of Onevision Multimedia.

Egg Talks: Eyeball Superglue – Roger Overall

As an award-winning documentary photographer, Roger Overall has learned a lot about creating memorable images. Now, Roger is helping others tell their stories online with his new business, The Digital Storyteller.

At a recent Smarter Egg event, Roger delighted the audience with an exploration of the use of images online, working towards his ideal of “Eyeball Superglue”

Some highlights included:

  • How do you make an impression online when there’s already so much stuff?
  • Why getting hit by a golf ball in the head has some value
  • The relative sizes of online photo sharing sites (this will surprise you)
  • Why the use of images trumps the humble word

Enjoy his talk below!



This talk was recorded at a Smarter Egg event at Upstairs at the White Horse, Ballincollig, Ireland in September 2012. Smarter Egg clients from across the business spectrum were in attendance, along with some invited guests. The video footage was filmed and edited by Ian Armstrong of Onevision Multimedia.