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Online registration open for Evening Offsite

The long summer evenings offer a chance to press pause and take stock, without using up a full working day.

On the evening of Thursday, July 11th, we’re hosting a special Smarter Egg Offsite that provides the magical elements of a regular offsite day, but over the course of an evening.

This is designed for those who just can’t afford to take a day off right now, but know that they need this kind of in-depth reflection to ensure they are giving themselves the very best chance of making progress in their working lives.

This event includes a light dinner on arrival and registration fee includes all materials as well as our ‘Book of the Quarter’, which provides ongoing inspiration for participants as the conversations continue after the offsite.




Extra places available for Summer Offsites

“Life cannot blossom into its true potential until you embrace the challenge of paying attention to what is in front of you right now.”

We’ve designed ourĀ Smarter Egg Offsites as an antidote to this challenge of overwhelm in this age of busyness and always-on connection, and to give ourselves the opportunity to slow down and see more clearly.

When it comes to ‘big picture’ work, we often prioritise our businesses or departments or projects over our own needs as professionals, who also happen to be human beings. But this isn’t in our interest, and doesn’t help us at all in the medium to long term.

We’ve developed a proven process that reduces overwhelm and brings greater clarity, focus and purpose to those who participate.

Summer is an ideal time to invest in yourself in this way. A little more space opens up in our calendars, many activities slow down and everything seems that bit more possible.

We have a programme of Offsites over the next couple of months that will gather professionals from many different lines of work in an environment carefully designed to provide the kind of quality reflection time we struggle to find day-to-day.

Our available Offsites this summer are:

To register your interest, just send us your details, and we’ll guide you through the process.