About Smarter Egg

Smarter Egg is a growing business based in Cork, Ireland providing programmes and events that build connective tissue between people and ideas, all in the context of building stronger businesses.

Smarter Egg Founder, Aodan Enright

I’m Aodan Enright and I’m the one that started Smarter Egg rolling.

I’m very proud of the impact that Smarter Egg has had on many different businesses, large and small, and especially on the people that drive them. I enjoy working collaboratively to tackle specific problems within businesses or to provide the platform for significant improvement.

My role in Smarter Egg is to oversee the business and to design & facilitate the programmes. I also operate independently as a facilitator, for executive teams and corporate events, both individually and in collaboration with other providers. I’m always glad to discuss challenges within any business, even if I often recommend solutions outside of Smarter Egg.

I strongly believe in the human being’s capability to develop and improve and this especially applies to those of us who are overseeing businesses. Solutions to our challenges are best found collaboratively and when we take the “and/or” approach rather than “win/lose”.

Quickest way to contact me is via email at aodan (at) smarteregg (dot) com. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, but make sure you send a personalised introduction! I tweet occasionally as @SmarterEggAodan.

I live in Cork, Ireland with my wife and young children.

How does Smarter Egg help people?

Smarter Egg helps people build stronger, more profitable and sustainable businesses. From solopreneurs to corporate leaders, the impact is significant and transformational.

Since 2008 hundreds of Smarter Egg facilitated development sessions and dozens of customized in-company engagements have made a real difference.

Programmes such as the SmarterPreneur Circle deliver long-lasting benefits, both in terms of personal development and business transformation.

Where did Smarter Egg come from?

Smarter Egg was founded in 2008 in Cork, Ireland by Aodan Enright. The very first programme brought together ten ambitious people to explore ideas arising from the late Oren Harari’s wonderful book on business strategy, Break From The Pack.

Through thousands of hours of enthusiastic engagement, the offerings have evolved while the ambition – to provide offerings and services that build connective tissue between people and ideas, leading to tangible benefit – has strengthened.

As the active client base has grown, a community has emerged and various events are run outside of the structured programmes and in-company engagements.

What’s it like to work with Smarter Egg?

New clients tend to remark how different Smarter Egg feels compared to their previous experience of interventions in coaching, training or facilitation domains.

Smarter Egg experiences are high in impact but low in formality. Engagements can be emotionally charged but there’s rarely a session without hearty laughter. Participants experience a real sense of support but receive the kind of challenge that adjusts their horizons. The facilitation style is described as ‘light-touch but laser focused’.

What does Smarter Egg stand for?

Here are the values that manifest themselves in the structure and style of the Smarter Egg programmes and engagements.


  • Great achievements in business and society are a collaboration.
  • Difference has value; fear of difference destroys potential
  • Action matters, but the quality of the thinking preceding the action is pivotal
  • Everyone has the potential to achieve more
  • The journey is more fun than the destination
  • All adventures are better in the company of others
  • An external lens stimulates the great solutions that lie within
  • Humility is attractive
  • To be sustainable, you must become profitable
  • The desire for improvement is inspiring and contagious



The story of how these values were assembled is told here.

Smarter Egg Training & Consulting Reg. No. 353067
Rubicon Centre, CIT Campus, Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland.