A to Z of coaching: J – Joy

Joy, in the professional context, is underrated. It’s often confused with fun. It’s associated by many with not working hard enough or being unserious.

That worldview denies the reality of experiencing joy when we are at our best. It fails to notice joy at the intersection of effectiveness and ease, and discounts the value of the liberating lightness of a joyous experience.

After two years of working through a pandemic, our reserves of joy are diminished.

We stand to benefit, now more than ever, from creating opportunities for joy in our professional lives.

Joy doesn’t just arise momentarily when success is achieved. It’s present in a good job done well, for the right reasons. It arises when our interactions are meaningful, and expansive. It’s in moments of noticing, and appreciation.

Designing for joy is a good use of your time. Once you shift your mindset from viewing joy as a ‘nice to have’ to something that allows you to perform optimally, then your task is to create, or re-craft, opportunities for joy in everything you do.

Of course, designing for joy is useful for teams and organisations too. Don’t skip the important work of doing it for yourself first.


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