A moment of truth

We know we’ve lost our way when being honest is now celebrated as unusual and refreshing.

In the public domain, and sadly in many professional circles and environments, our relationship with the truth has evolved for the worse. Facts, such as they are, often only exist to be manipulated to suit whatever worldview is dominant.

All too often in the modern workplace we hear phrases like, “How do we spin this?”, “We can’t say that”, “What do they want to hear?”. Data, and messages, are manipulated to advance an agenda or to protect us in a power imbalance.

All of this provides cover for us as individuals when we don’t want to face up to our own truth. Falsehoods in our outer environment makes it easier for us to lie to ourselves. 

Our human minds are gifted at weaving complicated narratives that often allow us to avoid the truth of our situation and create an alternative reality that presents us as the hero or the victim. All of which takes us further away from showing up as we need to show up in the world.

Acceptance is a viable alternative to avoidance, but only if we practise it. We can honour our own values rather than going with the flow, but only if we do the work of raising our awareness and committing to valuable action.

We often hear in media presentations that this is ‘a moment of truth’, a dramatic turning point where good or evil may prevail. But it’s useful to notice that each of us has many moments of truth every day. Moments where we can avoid or accept, act with integrity or act to manipulate.

So, while it’s easy to get swept up in disdain for the spin, bluster and propaganda in many parts of our public domain, please remember that you still have the power to act wisely in your own moments of truth.


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