A different way

One of the privileges of being trusted to help many people through the practice of coaching is to get exposed to a diverse range of perspectives on the professional world.

I regularly find myself enthralled and enthused by how some embrace challenges in a way that wasn’t obvious to me.

It’s a reminder that human ingenuity is under-appreciated and when we lose hope, it’s often because we forget how resourceful we are as a species.

Of course, we are social beings. We find ourselves looking to others in comparison and sometimes seek comfort in hoping that others think and feel the way we do. There’s a time and place where that’s helpful but in finding succour in company, we can often seek validation for a specific approach.

There are always different ways of proceeding. It may take extra effort to push beyond ‘groupthink’ but it’s usually worthwhile.

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s worth remembering that not only is there a way out, but there are likely to be multiple paths.

Sometimes in our search for different ways, we need to back ourselves to find them.


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