Welcome to Smarter Egg

Smarter Egg is based in Cork, Ireland providing the means for professionals to develop their working wisdom through facilitated peer coaching programmes and events. More About Us

Quarterly Offsites

We’ve created the space and the structure for you to zoom out and look at the big picture. By getting out of the weeds and looking at the longer-term trends, you can begin to make the adjustments you need to stay aligned with your highest priorities. More about our Offsites

Smarter Egg Quarterly Offsite

Peer Circles

Through our facilitated peer-coaching programmes, Smarter Egg provides the means for professionals to bring their very best to their work, in a sustainable fashion. We work best when we allow others to help us. All of us, no matter how capable and ambitious, can benefit from the support and challenge of a group of committed peers. More about our Peer Circles

Executive Coaching

Work worth doing rarely comes without challenge. As intelligent, and ambitious, human beings, it’s perfectly normal to get stuck along the way. Effective coaching can ensure that you stay in contention, allowing you to do your very best work, while feeling well in yourself. More about Executive Coaching with Aodan